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Based on 154 reviews
The Tap Water Filter
Fan Ruan (Sydney, AU)
Problem solved

Just updating my last review. One of the customer service contacted me and helped me solve the problem. Happy with that.

The Water Filter Bottle
Maz (Brisbane, AU)
good water pressure

happy with the purchase. it is expensive so i hope that it is filtering well as the water pressure coming out is very fast. It would be great if the product came in other colours so could match my tapware. I have black tap in one bathroom and brushed gold in the other one but only colours available is silver and white plastic. It would be good if the tap ring also matched the colour of the filter as it is a grey plastic colour that is odd.

The Tap Water Filter
Lisa Nyberg (Canberra, AU)
Terrific product!

I love the simplicity and the look of this water filter! The water tastes great and I’m happy knowing that my family are drinking clean, contaminant free water. Customer service has been great as well, initially I had issues attaching the filter to my tap but customer support sent me numerous washers until we found the perfect fit! Refills have been sent promptly with orders always shipped the same day I ordered.

The Tap Water Filter
Great product, outstanding customer service

Great water filter - could smell and taste the difference immediately. Compact size means it is not in the way when using the sink. We have switched from a counter-top unit which was difficult to fit a glass under much less a cooking pot, so are delighted to have filtered water on tap. The TAPP filter & supplied adaptor didn't fit our tap, but they sent out an additional set of adaptors at no cost and one fit perfectly. We are very, very happy with our TAPP water filter.

TAPP Water EcoPro
Luisa (Melbourne, AU)

What an amazing differnce this water filter has done to our drinking water! The taste is so wonderful and we have found we drink more water because it is so great tasting. Kids love it, we love it, would never go back to drinking unfiltered water again!!

Water tastes great

Very happy with the product. I did have trouble installing to the Tapp fitting, but just bought another washer

The Tap Water Filter
Bob Boyne (Perth, AU)

Received my order within a couple of weeks which is not bad from QLD to the southwest of WA. Product does provide nice, clear & soft, tasteless water which is a BONUS because now we don't have to use the fridge filter for all of our needs. Would have been better if the website provided the opportunity to supply the metric diameter of our tap thread as the adaptor provided was too big and male to male instead of a female to male adaptor which I had to request and which took another 9 days to arrive OTHERWISE A GREAT PRODUCT WHICH HOPEFULLY WILL DO WHAT THEY Say IT DOES..........SO FAR SO GOOD !!!

TAPP Water filter jug

I like the product and it has considerably improved the quality of water as we have old pipes.

The Tap Water Filter
Dee Campbell (Perth, AU)
Im Impressed

I must admit I was sceptical however after testing TAPP for a few weeks now its incredible. No nasty toxic smells or flavours !! Kudos TAPP for creating a simple, yet effective, and cost efficient device

The Tap Water Filter
Rochana Bell (Sunshine Coast, AU)
great little product

We go the on tap filter which was light and easy to assemble on our tap at work. Tastes great and is pretty simple and doesn't take up any room on the counter.

The Shower Filter
Naomi Thiele (Brisbane, AU)

Product is fantastic! Delivery through the carrier was quiet long packing to delivery took 18 days. This was domestic NSW to Qld

The Water Filter Jug
Rita Anesbury (Adelaide, AU)

so good to have a great shower in soft water thank you

The Shower Filter
Peter Wadsworth (Perth, AU)

We have recently received our order from TAPP WATER, and are very pleased with it. The water tasted better straight away and I now drink more water than before. The only (minor) complaint would be that the water splashes everywhere when the filter is turned on, so we just have to be a bit more careful, butt overall we love it.

The Tap Water Filter
Exander (Sydney, AU)
Clean water

Great to know water I now drink is mostly unadulterated. Quick response in providing a replacement valve when the one delivered is faulty. Have confidence shopping with them knowing their product carries a lifetime guarantee. The compact pro is elegant and matches the stainless steel kitchen tap. Overall happy 😃

The Tap Water Filter
Sarah Whitelaw (Adelaide, AU)
Best tap water filter

I researched all the water filters I could find online and this one filters out more bad stuff than all of them. I was mostly wanting fluoride filter which this one filters out 70% love it

The Tap Water Filter
Jo Lynch (Melbourne, AU)

Oh l couldn’t be happier, was sceptical at first, but it’s great, l have used a ceramic water filter for over 10 years which was taking up bench space, that’s now gone and l have much needed space back. So happy will be recommending to my friends.

The Tap Water Filter
Roberta Brown (Brisbane, AU)

Brilliant way to filter water. Works beautifully. Also Sylvia in the office is amazing, wonderful customer service.

Tap Water Filter Refills
Paul Carron (Perth, AU)
Great product!

So easy to install, our water before installing TAPP was quite bad, but now it’s perfect! So convenient for renters like us!

Tap Water Filter Refills
Marilyn Stephens (Sydney, AU)

TAPP Water - EcoPro Compact Refills

Tap Water Filter Refills
Lucy Tangney (Perth, AU)
Easy water filter solution

So happy with my water filter. Such a simple device that enables us to have nice tasting, clean drinking water at the flick of a switch!

The Tap Water Filter
Stephen Saargent (Perth, AU)
good water filter

took no time to fit water is really clean only problem is the flow out of the filter it splash's everywhere when rinsing vegetables into bottles and glasses no problem best of all my coffee taste so much better

The Tap Water Filter
Marilyn Stephens (Sydney, AU)

The Tap Water Filter

Tap Water Filter Refills
Stefanos Kelepouris
What a difference

Good compact filter for the tap. Makes the water taste more "fresh" if you can call it that. The shower filter is great, a bit bulky but it makes your hair so much softer and less itchy.

The Tap Water Filter
Paul Carron (Perth, AU)
Great water

Water is great, it’s a 2 minute install and it’s super neat! It does drop the height of your tap head a little bit which can make it harder to get pots and pans under but this is a small price to pay for an incredible product!

The Tap Water Filter
S.P. (Brisbane, AU)
Great customer service

I broke my tap filter, and got a speedy replacement with very little back and forth. Really awesome customer service! I also love my little tap filter I’m glad I didn’t need to battle to get a replacement!



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