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Quick Setup, Pure Water.

Transform your tap water with our easy 3-step installation. TAPP Water filters are designed for hassle-free setup, ensuring you enjoy pure and tasty water in no time. Let’s get started

Step 1

Remove Aerator: Twist off the aerator from your faucet's spout to prepare for the filter's attachment.

Step 2

Attach Connector: Secure the filter's connector onto the faucet's thread by screwing it on firmly by hand

Step 3

Activate Filter: Flip the filter's lever to switch between filtered and unfiltered water as desired.

Need a refill?

Never run out of clean, delicious water with TAPP! Keep your TAPP Water products performing at their best with our replacement filters. Choose from 6 or 12 month options.

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We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products. That's why your order is secured with our satisfaction guarantee.

Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction with your Water Filter. If you find it doesn't meet your needs within the first month, you're welcome to return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

Based on 236 reviews
The Tap Water Filter
Anne Schofield (Sydney, AU)
Very happy customer

I love my purchase of a Tapp filter. It was super easy to install, and the water tastes so much better than before. I didn’t realise what a difference it could make

The Tap Water Filter
S.S. (Upper Caboollure, AU)
So happy with this purchase!

Water does taste different, we never bought bottled water but we feel so much happier filling up our reusable bottles to take with us for the day. We have a little girl and we are expecting our second - now all the heavy metals, plastics, PFAS, etc in tap water are now one less thing we have to worry about! Plus it was easy to install and doesn’t look out of place attached to the tap. Thank you!

The Tap Water Filter
Ellie Eckton (Sydney, AU)

The Tap Water Filter

OMG Love it.

My new tap filter just arrived in the mail and I can drink the water from the tap instantly. I love it works really well. Thank you for giving me my water back.

Water tastes good but it doesn’t pour properly

The Tap Water Filter
Brett Geissmann (Brisbane, AU)
Great products

Purchased the sink tap and shower head filters and they both connected to my systems, which are quite old so was impressed, considering that I've purchased products before in the past claiming to fit any and every unit.

I've noticed that my hair looks and feels healthier and am able to enjoy hotter showers for longer.

Previously, when I'd boil tap water for coffee, I'd experience gas and digestive issues, brainfog etc and found out recently that fluoride converts to flaurine when heated or boiled, which is a powerful neurotoxin. Ever since using the sink tap filter, these symptoms haven't been anywhere near as notice. Highly recommend this company. Products arrived within 3 days of purchase and the installation was straight forward

TAPP Water EcoPro
Asep Eddi Sobandy (Bridgetown, AU)
Good device - Good value for you budget

Good practicable device and easy to use. Worthed of your budget. The improvement you need is to get some adapter that can fit to any taps in the future, and I am sure no one will resist to have their tap water healthier using eco-friendly filter. Good invention by the way, Well done!

Tap Water Filter Refills
Anne (Perth, AU)
This is great!

I used to always feel a bit hesitant to drink water because I knew the taste would be bad but I surprise myself each time I take a sip with no taste and the reassurance I dont put *crap* in my body! Thank you for your help by sending me another piece to make it fit onto my tap, that works great!

Tap Water Filter Refills
Stefani B (Kempsey, AU)
Wish I found TAPP sooner!

Amazing taste, so easy to set up and use - 10/10

Tap Water Filter Refills
Ash Tumer (Brisbane, AU)
A must have!

This product is the absolute best, it's so easy to use and it actually works! I was so skeptical when I read that this filter improved the taste of the water, but it actually does! So glad we bought one. Can never go back to drinking unfiltered again :) Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Tap Water Filter Refills
C Rivera (Sydney, AU)
Love it

So nice to have clean water straight from our tap

Tap Water Filter Refills
David M (Brisbane, AU)
Tap threads leaking

Hi, within a month of receiving this, we've noticed the plastic tap aerator is not holding up to the task and is leaking a lot when trying to use the filter. It worked well up until that point.

Edit: absolute amazing customer service from James has turned this to a 5 star review for helping fix this up. Great work James!

Tap Water Filter Refills
Cynthia Chua (Brisbane, AU)
Prompt follow up

My request for a metal adapter was seen to quickly and delivery of requested part was attended to . Happy with the product and happy to have better tasting water . Thank you !

Great Water Filters & Customer Service

Nothing like drinking water without tasting any chlorine or chemicals. The Tapp water filters are fantastic! Their customer service is also great. Highly recommended

Tap Water Filter Refills
Amy (Perth, AU)
Best idea ! Best water

So easy to install ! Love it

The Tap Water Filter
Vania Visentin (Brisbane, AU)
Getting there

The item, looks stylish and was very easy to install. You can taste the difference but was hoping to get rid of the earthy dirt taste. To be honest I can’t genuinely compare to the under the installed type, which I had before. That tasted better but have moved over 1 suburb. Hence only 3 stars

Tap Water Filter Refills
Sammy Macintyre (Brisbane, AU)

Tap Water Filter Refills

Tap Water Filter Refills
Christine Coghlan (Central Coast, AU)
Great idea

It’s really easy to apply and works a treat.

Tap Water Filter Refills
Valentina (Brisbane, AU)
It actually works!

My tap water was stinky and tasted awful, I was so positively impressed by this filter which actually changed the quality of my tap water completely!

Water Filter Jug Refills
Wilene Swart (Sydney, AU)
TAPP Water jug

Water tastes great and I feel good about drinking it, knowing it's clean. Only downside is the slow speed of the water flow when pouring it form the jug.

The Water Filter Bottle
Kenzie (Melbourne, AU)
Delicious water 💧😋😍

I have been using a filter in bottle for some time now, but always it had a chemical taste to it still..
Not any more! I'm glad I purchased from tapp water, the bottle is good quality and my water tastes like its fresh from the sky now.
*reviewed from Australia 🇦🇺

My tap filter broke off after only 3months. Disappointing.

Hi Adrian, Sorry to hear. This sounds like a faulty filter and will send you out a brand new replacement. Will be in touch via email.

Tap Water Filter Refills
Lorraine Gibson (Sydney, AU)
Brilliant Gizmo

Absolutely loving my ‘tap’ water. The difference in taste is really noticeable. No chlorine, no earthy odour, just clear sweet water.

The Tap Water Filter
Roz May (Melbourne, AU)

Love the filter so easy to use . I had trouble fitting it but customer service was amazing in sorting out my issue. Thank you have been recommending to friends

The Tap Water Filter
James Easteal (Brisbane, AU)
Outstanding customer service

We love the filter!

We had trouble installing, but they were so good about contacting us and following up with the correct attachment.

Nothing but love.

Thanks so much for your feedback James.
Glad you love your filter :)