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Tap Water Filter Refills
Lorraine Gibson (Sydney, AU)
Brilliant Gizmo

Absolutely loving my ‘tap’ water. The difference in taste is really noticeable. No chlorine, no earthy odour, just clear sweet water.

The Tap Water Filter
Roz May (Melbourne, AU)

Love the filter so easy to use . I had trouble fitting it but customer service was amazing in sorting out my issue. Thank you have been recommending to friends

The Tap Water Filter
Yvonne (Sydney, AU)
Great for a few weeks then falls off. Plastic attachment piece non reusable

Tap water filter seemed great for a few weeks of use then one day without warning the whole filter part just fell off. I don't know but I am unable screw it back in-it looks like the plastic attachment piece/adapter piece I was given is now broken or worn out. Contacted customer service for help. I feel like I have wasted my money. 😑

The Tap Water Filter
James Easteal (Brisbane, AU)
Outstanding customer service

We love the filter!

We had trouble installing, but they were so good about contacting us and following up with the correct attachment.

Nothing but love.

Thanks so much for your feedback James.
Glad you love your filter :)

Tap Water Filter Refills
Oriel McGee (Brisbane, AU)
Great service

I had to request a new part for our tap attachment. There was no question about replacing it and it was posted out to me in double quick time. We are now enjoying beautiful refreshing water. Thank you very much to Tapp Water for their great service.

Glad we got it sorted Oriel! Enjoy your filter :)

Tap Water Filter Refills
Kev Bishop (Brisbane, AU)
Tapp Water Filter

Very easy to attach and easy to use. Water taste is much Improved over the original Brisbane water. Great product.

Thanks Kev!

TAPP Water - EcoPro Refills
Chantal Straney (Sydney, AU)
Can't live without this filter

Water at our place tastes so much better now. Thanks Tapp Water!

So glad you love your filter Chantal :)

Cheap plastic fittings, Threaded instantly had to replace the joiner to tap only for it to snap and break again and render unusable.

Hi Ashley, sorry to hear about your adapter breaking. We've since updated all of our adapters to brass which has put a stop to this issue. We can get a new adapter sent out to you right away.

The Tap Water Filter
Vee (Sydney, AU)
Love it

Water taste so good👍🏽🙌🏽 I went from purchasing packs of water every week in bulk and bottles everywhere around house and now I just refill my water bottles and go, love it. The only issue I did have in the beginning was that the water would spray out of the tap and I had to put tape around the tap to stop the water spraying everywhere but after reaching out to the the amazing team at TAPPWater and sent through a picture of my tap, they sent me a new attachment for my tap right away and now everything works amazingly, no water spraying everywhere so thank you so much Jessie and Silvia 👍🏽 5 start service

Thanks Vee! Glad we got it sorted :) We want everyone to love their filter so happy to help!

TAPP Water - EcoPro Refills
Jessica Stone (Adelaide, AU)
Tapp shower filter

Have had the tapp water filter for my kitchen sink for a year now and loved it so much. Have just moved house and purchased a tapp shower filter and have noticed a huge difference from the very first shower I took with it. My hair quality has improved and I don't have any hard water scaling building up. Couldn't be happier.

Thanks Jessica! So glad you're loving your tap water filter and shower filter :)

Tap Water Filter Refills
Cassie (Sydney, AU)
tapp water is best

Honestly I didn't really believe when I read testimonials of people saying that the water taste better, but after trying it myself, it really does taste better. There is no more metallic taste now from my drinking water and I'm loving it. To all the skeptics out there like me, try it!

Wow, what a fantastic review. Thank you Cassie. So glad you're loving your filter :)

TAPP Water - EcoPro Refills
Nicole Canin (Melbourne, AU)

We have been having a hard time because the filter isn’t working properly and one do the pieces is letting water through which mean that water sprays all over the kitchen when we use filtered water

Hi Nicole, Thanks for your review and sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like you have a faulty filter. Our customer service team will reach out directly and arrange a replacement for you.
Many thanks

The Water Filter Jug
Debra McAuley (Perth, AU)

Great product only issue is it’s not always a good flow from the jug

Tap Water Filter Refills
hinengakau Karauria (Melbourne, AU)
Water is fine but customer service is lacking

The loss of two stars is because unfortunately it took over a month and several emails to receive the right tap fitting to enable use of the filter. The cheap plastic ones that accompany the filter need to be discarded and a question at purchase describing the tap fitting and/or a photo of the tap would enable the deployment of a metal fitting. Thus, enabling a person to use the filter immediately. All that aside, the water filter is good and produces tasteless water, which is exactly what I want.

Plastic has cracked after 2 months.
Very disappointing

Sorry to hear about this. This is not expected behaviour and is surely a faulty filter.
Please contact us via email and we will arrange a free replacement filter.

The Water Filter Jug
Lisa (Hobart, AU)
Pure water

Love the taste of the filtered water better that the one we have attached to tap which needs filters changed regularly and are quite expensive the more micron in filter
Only issue is with jug, takes a while to pour into glass even when air trap is expelled,

I received the water filter thinking I could attach and use it straight away but unfortunately it didn’t fit… now we have to go out and try to find an attachment to fit it on our tap, probably won’t recommend this product

Hi Rawaida, thanks for your feedback! We have a range of adapters with different sizes and threads that we can send out to our existing customers free of charge. Please send us a photo of your tap so we can determine the right adapter to send you :)

TAPP Water EcoPro
Madylene (Sydney, AU)
Best filter!

I love how Tapp water filter is easy to install and use, and best of all, the water is so refreshing! Highly recommend!

TAPP Water - EcoPro Refills
Faye (Valla Beach, AU)
Fresh Water

My water tastes much fresher without the nasties. An amazing product that I have told all my friend about Thank you

I only received 6 months worth. Not sure if there are more on the way.

Hi Lizz! Thanks for your review. Could you please send us a photo of the refills you received and we will resolve it as soon as possible. Thanks!

The Tap Water Filter
Kristy W (Sydney, AU)
Love it!

The filter is so easy to install and there's such a big difference in taste. Feels good to be drinking clean water. So glad I found Tapp!

The Tap Water Filter
Marilyn (Sydney, AU)
Clear water

I havent in a long time seen water so clean and clear. I have been getting sick lately, inoticed i had alot of unhealthy habits which includes drinking from plastic bottles. I found TAPP filter and decided to it give it a try and the filtered water is so clean compared to the water directly from the tap. No regrets!!

TAPP Water EcoPro
Ted Haejung Chung (Perth, AU)

The team was so helpful! I especially loved the quick responses and actions from the Tappwater team.
it has only been a few weeks since I started using Tappwater, and it is so far so good. cannot tell you what would happen in months of time.

Very happy, great taste and no more
wasting money and plastic on bottled water

TAPP Water - EcoPro Refills
Angela (Adelaide, AU)
At Last!

Had a few issues initially which were resolved. TAPP Water were very professional. Very good service!