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The Shower Filter

The Shower Filter

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with any TAPP Water product that you've been delivered, we want to know about it.

If you don't love your TAPP Water purchase, in order to receive a refund, you'll need to return it in its original packaging within 30 days of receiving it. Sending it back to us via registered post and covering postage costs. 

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We offer a 1-year limited warranty to repair or replace any defective material or component. It does not cover any issues due to normal wear and tear or misuse.


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  • 🚚 Free Shipping over $150

    Enjoy free next day deliveries for all orders over $150

  • 😊 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    we want you to love your water filter. If you're not satisfied, neither are we.

  • 🔧 No plumber necessary

    Easy to install. Simply attach to your shower.

Clean, soft water for your skin and hair

Soft skin and hair start with soft water

  • Improves the condition of your skin and hair

  • Recyclable Refills

  • Filter limescale, chlorine and +70 substances

  • Easy installation

Why should I filter my shower water?

You may not realise it, but the water you shower in can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your hair and skin. Here are some ways in which unfiltered shower water can harm you:

  • Removing natural oils from hair and skin can damage, dry out, and irritate them.
  • Breaking down amino acids in hair weakens it and can lead to split ends.
  • Skin irritation, such as eczema, itchiness, hives, and rashes, can be caused by showering.
  • Dissolving hair lipids can make hair look less shiny and strong.
  • Reactions with melanin in hair may alter its color.
  • Collagen loss may be accelerated by the formation of free radicals due to heavy metals.

ShowerPro Product Specifications

How does the ShowerPro Work?

ShowerPro uses ultra-advanced 4-stage filtration technology, without compromising water pressure. 

The refill consists of 4 filter stages that absorb chemicals, gases, metals and organic elements thanks to its structure.

As the water passes through the filter (calcium sylphite, KDF-55, crystalline quartz and limescale inhibitor), all the contaminants are trapped by the different phases. The result is clean, filtered water ready for use.

  • Filter rate: 3.8 L/min or 15 seconds to filter 1 L
  • Filtration capacity of one refill: 40,000 L
  • Substances removed: +70

ShowerPro Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 9.8 x 9.5cm
  • Weight: 310g

Filter Parts:

a) Filter

b) Replacement

c) Connector

ShowerPro Materials


  • The materials we use in our filters reflect our commitment to sustainability, quality and durability.
  • The filter is made of ABS + PC plastic, free of BPA and phthalates.
  • The refill is made of 4 stages of filtration made of calcium sulphite, copper, zinc and mineral balls that together contribute to the elimination of contaminants found in the water.

Replacement Frequency

  • The quality of the water and the filtering efficiency can only be guaranteed up to a capacity of use equivalent to 6 months.

  • Our quality parameters for filtering substances and contaminants exceed 95% in most cases (depending on the type of contaminant, it can be higher, as in the case of filtering chlorine, with 95%).

  • If you use the refill beyond these 6 months, the filtering efficiency of contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides, VOCs and heavy metals will no longer meet our quality parameters.

  • In addition to the aspects mentioned in relation to absorption and efficiency, you must bear in mind that the components of the refill are made of a material of organic origin that can be a breeding ground for microorganisms, which over time can give rise to proliferation of bacteria.

ShowerPro Usage Tips

  • Can be used with both hot and cold water
  • Avoid washing the filter with soap
  • If you haven't used the filter in several days, run the filtered water for 30 seconds

How to install your filter

Installing your ecopro is super simple. Simply remove your aerator from your current tap, screw on your water filter and you're good to go!

  • Remove the showerhead or hose

  • Attach the ShowerPro Filter

  • Reconnect your Showerhead or Hose

What does the TAPP Water ShowerPro Remove?

TAPP Water ShowerPro has been tested and certified to remove more than 100 contaminants from tap water such as chlorine, lead and micro-plastics.

See the full report

Softer water, without losing pressure

The ShowerPro maintains the same water pressure while still filtering out contaminants that irritate your skin and hair.

Filtration Rate: 3.8L per minute or 15 seconds per litre

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Naomi Thiele (Brisbane, AU)

Product is fantastic! Delivery through the carrier was quiet long packing to delivery took 18 days. This was domestic NSW to Qld

Peter Wadsworth (Perth, AU)

We have recently received our order from TAPP WATER, and are very pleased with it. The water tasted better straight away and I now drink more water than before. The only (minor) complaint would be that the water splashes everywhere when the filter is turned on, so we just have to be a bit more careful, butt overall we love it.

Paula Nikolov (Melbourne, AU)

TAPP Water ShowerPro

Thanks Paula!

Hilary Dorward (Perth, AU)
Haven’t received product

Still waiting for filter tap to be delivered

Anonymous (Melbourne, AU)
Not bad

The product appears to filter water with no issues however it’s quite bulky and heavy and doesn’t sit nicely with the shower head in the holder.

A slimmer variation to this design would be beneficial

Hi Stefania,

Thank you for your feedback, we apologise that the aesthetic did not meet your expectations. We appreciate your input and will consider it for future designs. If you have any specific issues, please let us know at Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Sarah (Sydney, AU)

It was super easy to install and noticed the difference straight away. I used to get really dry skin and frizzy hair until I started using this, best investment ever!

Hi Sarah Mae,
Thank you for your review! So glad to see it's working wonders for your skin and hair :)

Helen (Sydney, AU)
Love my shower filter!

Wasn’t sure if it was going to fit at first because my shower is a bit old but it fit perfectly! Water is great and can definitely notice a big difference. Very Happy! 👏

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your review! Glad you are enjoying it and noticing a difference with the water :)

Advanced filtration

The ShowerPro shower filter removes chlorine, limescale, heavy metals, bacteria, and microorganisms from the water and any fungi, algae, mould, and brown rot that could be living in your bathroom.

How to replace your filter

Our refills are super easy to replace. Simply remove the casing, swap our the cartridge, screw it back in and you're done!

  • Unscrew the ShowerPro filter from your shower head or tap.

  • Open it, remove the used refill and insert a new one.

  • Close and screw the ShowerPro filter back onto your shower head or tap.

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Still not sure?

ShowerPro Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit my shower? I have a normal shower with a hose and head. Where do I install it?

The ShowerPro is compatible with all standard showers and can be installed either between the hose and the shower head or between the hose and the mixer. The installation takes less than a minute and doesn't require tools.

How do I know that the shower filter really works?

The ShowerPro uses the patented KDF-55 filter, the only technology certified by the NSF for the treatment of shower water. It works with high pressures and hot water, and is highly efficient when it comes to removing chlorine as well as heavy metals, limescale, bacteria and algae.

Does this remove fluoride?

Our filtration technology for the ShowerPro is GAC (Granular Activated Carbon). It does reduce Fluoride but does not remove it altogether. The reduction percentage depends on the composition of your water and the frequency of use.

How much does it weigh?

The ShowerPro weighs 300g

What does the ShowerPro filter and how long does each refill last?

The ShowerPro filters chlorine and significantly reduces limescale, bacteria, and algae. Each filter cartridge has a lifetime of about six months.

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