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The Water Filter Bottle

The Water Filter Bottle

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with any TAPP Water product that you've been delivered, we want to know about it.

If you don't love your TAPP Water purchase, in order to receive a refund, you'll need to return it in its original packaging within 30 days of receiving it. Sending it back to us via registered post and covering postage costs. 

More details on our refund policy


We offer a 1-year limited warranty to repair or replace any defective material or component. It does not cover any issues due to normal wear and tear or misuse.


Free shipping for all orders over $150.

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  • 🚚 Free Shipping over $150

    Enjoy free next day deliveries for all orders over $150

  • 😊 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    we want you to love your water filter. If you're not satisfied, neither are we.

  • ♻️ Change every 2 months

    filters need to be replaced every 2 months

Clean pure water, wherever you go

Out and about? Fill up your bottle and enjoy great-tasting filtered water

  • Keeps water cold for 24 hours

  • Leak-proof lid

  • Filters +80 substances, including lime

  • Prevent tons of plastic from ending up in our oceans

BottlePro Product Specifications

BottlePro in detail

How to use the BottlePro

First use:

Before the first use, we recommend washing the filter with water for 30-60 seconds. 

Usage tips: 

Once the bottle is full, you drink the water through the straw. It works best when the BottlePro is upright or tilted slightly up to 45 degrees. 


BottlePro Dimensions

Reusable filtering bottle measures

Measurements: 270mm x 80mm

Weight: 433g

Capacity: 750ml 

BottlePro Materials

reusable bottle filter parts


The materials we use in our products reflect our commitment to sustainability, quality, and durability.

  • A. The lid is made of ABS and PC plastic, free of toxins such as BPA and phthalates, and made from natural raw materials.
  • B. The BottlePro frame is made of high-quality stainless steel and BPA-free materials.
  • C. The refills are composed of activated carbon fibres (which biodegrade in CO2 and water) and UHMW (30%) which is inert and stable and does not accumulate in marine life. The refills are covered by a piece of plastic that is free of toxins such as BPA and phthalates.

Replacement Frequency


It is recommended to put a new replacement every two months so as not to lose the effectiveness of the filtering. Why? The refills are made of activated carbon, a material of organic origin that can be a breeding ground for microorganisms that, over time, can give rise to the proliferation of bacteria. These bacteria accumulate behind the filter and contaminate the water. In addition, the filtered lime will eventually reduce the water flow depending on the source water's hardness.


What substances are removed

Reusable filtering bottle substances removed

BottlePro uses advanced 4-stage microfiltration technology. The refills consist of a block of activated carbon that absorbs chemicals, gases, metals and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and its highly porous surface. As the water passes through the refill, all the substances are retained in the activated carbon. The result is clean, ready-to-drink filtered water.

  • Filtering rate: 1L/min
  • Filtration capacity of a refill: 150 L for 5 L / day
  • Carbon block density: 1-2 µm
  • Eliminated substances: +80


Instructions for use

Just fill the bottle with tap water, draw through the straw, and drink pure, substance-free, great-tasting water.

Put a new replacement every two months to continue with the same filtering quality. You will receive a reminder the day you must put in a new one. That easy!

What does the BottlePro remove?

BottlePro has been tested and certified to remove more than 80 contaminants from tap water such as chlorine, lead, and micro-plastics.

See the full report

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carla (Brisbane, AU)
Great filter bottle!

I have found the filter water bottle easy to use, water tastes clean and fresh and it's the perfect size for everyday use when you're out and about.

Kenzie (Melbourne, AU)
Delicious water 💧😋😍

I have been using a filter in bottle for some time now, but always it had a chemical taste to it still..
Not any more! I'm glad I purchased from tapp water, the bottle is good quality and my water tastes like its fresh from the sky now.
*reviewed from Australia 🇦🇺

Melannie Mauricio (Sydney, AU)
Clean water on the go

TAPP Water has enabled us to enjoy clean and fresh-tasting water at home.
Since buying the BottlePro, we can now also enjoy clean filtered water when travelling.
We're not only saving money, we're also doing our bit to the environment by not contributing to landfill.
Well done TAPP Water for changing our habit.

Maz (Brisbane, AU)
good water pressure

happy with the purchase. it is expensive so i hope that it is filtering well as the water pressure coming out is very fast. It would be great if the product came in other colours so could match my tapware. I have black tap in one bathroom and brushed gold in the other one but only colours available is silver and white plastic. It would be good if the tap ring also matched the colour of the filter as it is a grey plastic colour that is odd.


I am on bore water and definitely could tell the difference.
Water tasted so much better through the bottle. Definitely recommend this filtered bottle.

Luke (Perth, AU)
Seems to work

Can’t taste the nasties in the water anymore, would recommend for someone that requires fast, easy and portable water filtration.

Thanks Luke! So glad you're happy with your BottlePro :)

Joel Weiss (Sydney, AU)
Bottle leaks sometimes

Nice bottle but leaks quite a lot

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your review!

I'm sorry to hear that your BottlePro is leaking. It seems like it's faulty as it should not be leaking at all.

Could you please send a photo of the problem area to so we can help you further?

Many thanks,
Silvia :)

Still not sure?

BottlePro Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BottlePro Stainless Steel?

Yes, BottlePro is made from durable, double-wall insulated stainless steel which keeps water cold for 24 hours.

It's finished in an environmentally-friendly powder-coating which is long-lasting and provides a subtle texture for a better grip.

How long does each filter last?

We recommend changing the filter every two months. Each filter has a duration of 150L which is approximately every two months depending on use.

Is it suitable for public tap water?

Yes! BottlePro is ideal for when you're out and about. Whether it's filling up on your morning walk, or at the gym. The BottlePro is the perfect substitute for plastic water bottles.

What do I do with the refills?

reusable filter bottle spare parts
The cartridge refills are made of BPA-free ABS plastic and carbon fibre. Use a screwdriver to separate the plastic casing from the carbon fibre. The carbon fibre is biodegradable and can be disposed of with food waste or compost. The plastic casing can be recycled with other plastic materials.

Need a refill?

Our refills are effective for about 150L or approx two months. After that, we recommend switching out the old cartridge and replacing it.

Shop Refills

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