Upgrade Your Water Game

💪 Never run out of clean fresh water with a TAPP Water Subscription

  • 💰 Save 15% when you subscribe

    Save big with 15% off all your TAPP Water orders and upcoming products by joining our subscription program.

  • 🚚 Free Shipping on all orders

    Sick of paying for shipping? No worries! Subscribe and get free shipping on all orders.

  • 💯 Lifetime warranty

    Issue with your filter? No problem! We've got your covered for anything that goes wrong with your product.

Got questions about our subscriptions? Check out our FAQ's

Why should I subscribe?

When you subscribe to TAPP Water, you'll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

💰 Save Money

You'll save even more on your orders by subscribing to your favourite TAPP Water products. 

📦 Free shipping

Say goodbye to shipping fees when you subscribe. You'll only pay for your products, nothing more.

📅 Full flexibility

You're in control with the ability to pause, skip, change or cancel your subscription at any time. No contracts or hidden fees.

💦 Never run out of clean water

With our subscription service, you'll never have to worry about running out of fresh, filtered water. We'll automatically send new filters to you on a regular schedule, so you can always have clean water on hand.

🌍 It’s easy and eco-friendly

Small change for you, big win for the planet. By subscribing, you're making it easy to clean up your place and reduce single-use plastic.

How do subscriptions work?

Sign up for our subscription service and never run out of your favourite TAPP Water products again. Customise your subscription by choosing from our pre-set bundles or creating your own with your regular TAPP Water refills. Plus, add one-time products to each order for any additional items you may need. And, as a subscriber, you'll receive a special discount on all your TAPP Water products

How do I make changes to my subscription?

Get the flexibility you need with our TAPP Water subscription service.

📅 Change your delivery schedule easily.

🛍 Customise your deliveries by adding or skipping products.

💧 Update the refills in your subscription at any time.

💔 Cancel or pause your subscription without any fuss.

All of these options are available to you directly from your account. No locked-in contracts, just the flexibility you need.

Can I delay my first order?

I'm sorry, unfortunately, once you hit that "place order" button, your goods are on their way to our packing centre for lightning-fast delivery to your doorstep! But, if you're already stocked up and just want to subscribe for future deliveries, no worries! Just hop into your customer account and adjust the timing of your next shipment or delivery frequency. And don't worry, you can always change it again if you need to! Learn more about managing your subscription here.

How do I pay for my subscription?

You'll only be charged when your next subscription is due, so you don't have to pay upfront for future subscriptions or for items you decide to skip. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) and PayPal for payments, but unfortunately, we don't offer the option to use Buy-Now-Pay-Later services like Afterpay.

What frequency should I choose?

💧 Not sure how often you need to get refills delivered? We offer the following frequency options for our TAPP Water products:


Frequency Options

ShowerPro 6 months, 12 months
PitcherPro 6 months, 12 months
EcoPro 6 months, 12 months
EcoPro Compact 12 months
BottlePro 4 months, 8 months, 12 months


🌍 We recommend subscribing annually for the best value and for the environment.

📅 Don't worry, you can cancel or change your next delivery date or delivery frequency anytime!

If you need some products more frequently than others, add an extra refill of that product to your subscription (eg. extra water filters), choose to skip products from upcoming subscription orders, or add some products as one-time add ons, rather than subscribe to them